27 August 2016

In the Dark

Now open at the Rose Gallery is In the Dark, an exhibition of photographs by Norton Lykin. Spread across two rooms are one three-dimensional and eleven two-dimensional works, simply but elegantly composed. "Reflecting on nature, love, perception and cognition, I see clearly that what we perceive as reality is a flux depending on our ideas, history and conditioning, that the present moment feeds us with all kind of possible realities," says Norton. "Throughout this there is one stable factor, love, which can take us trough everything, love of this being which in its imperfection is perfect, wholesome. We are in this journey called life given the opportunity to be open and question our ideas and the histories we tell and this is my project." Each of the art objects is available for purchase, as is an accompanying book that expresses more about the exhibition.


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    1. Yes, and there are always worthwhile exhibitions in the space.