20 August 2016

Song of Childhood

Opening tomorrow, Sunday, August 21, from 2 to 4 pm slt, at the Lollygagger Lane Arts Center, curated by chrissssy, is Song of Childhood, an exhibition of recent images by Kate Bergdorf. These beautifully composed black-and-white photographs depict evocative childhood moments through the lens of a doll avatar, heightening the innocence of the scenes. "This exhibit is inspired by the poem 'Song of Childhood' by the Austrian novelist, playwright and political activist Peter Handke," explains Kate. "Handke wrote much of the dialogue, including the poem 'Song of Childhood,' for Wim Wender’s Der Himmel über Berlin (Wings of Desire). Each of the eleven passages in the poem corresponds to one of my photographs in this exhibit. Inspired by the beauty of Handke's words, I attempt to capture feeling states in pictures." The complete poem is provide in a notecard that accompanies the exhibition. Each of Kate's images is available for purchase, and contributions in support of Lollygagger are welcomed.


  1. Thanks very much Ziki! Also, just to add here, all funds from purchased images are donated to Lollygagger.