30 August 2016

Cool Rush

Aptly described by its creator, Kandiii Kidd, as "ethereal space themed surrealism," Cool Rush is a sci-fi world filled with brilliant saturated colors and a playful interactive landscape. "High above clear blue skies, there hangs a place accompanied by the stars, glowing luminescent wonders, each one waiting patiently to be wished upon..." she adds. This alien-looking world seems to be under exploration by little creatures in UFOs who hover over the scene (image above), and clicking on their search beams will draw you toward their spacecrafts. Poses and cuddles for couples abound throughout the fields, and a carousel spins in the tall turquoise grasses.

And more awaits overhead: via a network of teleports — there are a number here and there on the ground level — one can visit floating asteroids for t'ai chi, meditation and more cuddles. The "Just in case" teleport option sends visitors into a dense cloud of stars, a skydiving platform provides parachutes for a 500 meter drop, and "Moon" gives access to a beautiful and glowing space-station like environment with spaces to explore and beds for couples (image below).

Visitors should be sure to accept the region windlight, shown here, and Kandiii encourages the use of the atmospheric music stream. Often in the sim, she invites visitors to message her to join her group, which provides access to "mini flyers from both ships" (although I can't profess to know what those are). If you enjoy Cool Rush, please consider leaving a contribution toward its support.

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