18 August 2016

who stole the sky?

Now open at LEA6 is who stole the sky?, an multi-level installation by artist Theda Tammas. Set amid a red sky, and extending over the water/ground and on and between two semi-transparent platforms, humanesque figures express themselves through various gestures — reaching or pointing toward the sky, grabbing a falling companion, spinning in a bubble-like shape, or performing some other movement open to interpretation. These figures, while distinctly people, are not fully whole — pieces and parts are missing, and their depiction is mirrored in the surrounding material, with bright red, blue and cyan bursts of shards, some of which fade in and out, and in the textures of the floors themselves.

It's important to look under and between the floors — much activity takes place there rather than on the levels themselves. Theda encourages visitors to have parcel media turned on, as the title of the work is taken from a song (and album) by Sainkho Namtchylak, which plays in a continuous loop. Visitors are invited to take home a gift, a miniature sculpture (detail shown below) that evokes one of the larger sculptures in who stole the sky? The installation, situated on one of the LEA core sims, will likely remain open for a couple months.

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