10 August 2016

Betty Tureaud and Laoin Xaris at UTSA ArtSpace

Now open at the UTSA ArtSpace, hosted by the University of Texas at San Antonio, and curated by constructivIST Solo, is an exhibition featuring a three-dimensional installation by Betty Tureaud and a series of two-dimensional artworks by Laoin Xaris. "The work of the two artists in some ways are counterpoints to each other," notes the curator. Betty's space, which seems to be untitled, can be reached by clicking on the curious figure in the middle of the gallery. Visitors are teleported to the installation, which features Betty's typically bright and playful colors and the same sculpture, its outstretched hands doubling as giant ears (image above). Here, visitors will discover that large colored prims respond to movements, creating an ever-changing scene. As to the odd creature in the center of it all? It symbolizes the United States National Security Agency (NSA), with "ears that grab all your information," says Betty.

The images by Laoin, on display throughout the gallery, are real life photographs, primarily black and white, all elegantly composed and with minimalist themes, as exemplified in the detail below. The exhibition will continue into October, and contributions toward the support of the gallery are accepted at the landing point.

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