26 August 2016

Immaculate Perception - Immaculate Reflection

Now open at LEA22 is Immaculate Perception - Immaculate Reflection, an installation by artist Krystali Rabeni. Throughout the sim, set ankle-deep in smooth water, are various little scenes or vignettes, many with curious or playful incongruities — two women out walking hot dogs, bears with moth wings who puzzle over Scrabble pieces, sheep held aloft by what appear to be pieces of popcorn, wolves with pine trees growing out of their backs, a dandelion whose seeds are umbrellas, and so on.

"There is no truth, there is only perception...immaculate perception," says Krystali. "What you see is what you thought before you looked. The installation is an eclectic mix of surreal art and virtually real art veiled in allegory. You will perceive the installation in your own way. The immaculate perception of it is an immaculate reflection of the viewer. A very interesting abstraction proving that there is no truth, only perception."

If there is any central challenge to the otherwise provocative and enjoyable installation, it's the density of the layout, as exemplified in the top image, where one can't view one element without the intrusion of others — it's hard to focus on, say, a scene of skeletons watching televisions without seeing several other scenes in the immediate background. (If you're a photographer interested in creating images such as the subsequent three in this post, then some derendering or careful control of distance sliders might be in order.) The top image shows the sim's default deep blue environmental settings. Immaculate Perception - Immaculate Reflection will continue on display through the end of the year.