24 August 2016

Sky Fallen

"These photography sims are a lot of fun," remarked Syn Zane (Syn Beresford) as we discussed Sky Fallen, her new space open exclusively to members of the Elysion group. "I'm working out ideas for the next one already." Syn, who is the creator and proprietor of the well-known sim Elysion, created Sky Fallen as a haven for Second Life photographers. "I love seeing how people photograph things," she added. "It's really exciting to me, and makes me want to just constantly make something new so they can take photos."

The striking island sim does indeed present enchanting opportunities: a large Romanesque domed building stands on the shoreline against a crescent moon (top image), while tranquil and surreal natural scenes can be found from almost every vantage point. In the image below, luminescent flowers pulse against Dr. Suess-like stones stretching up from the sea. The island's prominent balloon (lowest image) isn't simply a stationary piece of exterior decor, but provides an autopiloted tour around Sky Fallen.

The required L$650 group fee not only admits visitors to Sky Fallen, but also to the gorgeous Elysion sim itself. Syn said, "I figure it's a pretty good perk for members to have something special. The membership fee that is required to enjoy the sim — and Elysion — helps to ensure that Elysion and all the membership perks can continue to evolve and grow." Sky Fallen will remain open only until September 18, and other special Elysion group locations will follow in the future.

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