21 February 2013

2304 Rain

Squonk Levenque has just opened a new installation entitled 2304 Rain, affirming his position as the master of precipitation in Second Life. This watery sim is driven by the most relentless, dense rain I've ever seen, and it can make for an incredible (if graphics heavy) experience—be sure to grab an umbrella when you arrive.

One begins in the safe, dry haven of a small house, but save for one corner of the sim (where a stairway leads up to an ostensibly unreachable viewing platform—you can get up there but it's not easy) you'll be pummeled by raindrops fueled by a blustery wind. Just watching the rain and the puddles forming in the water can be mesmerizing.

In addition to the dry corner with the viewing platform, you'll find an area with monolithic blocks (simple yet beautiful), a heap of odds and ends, including giant musical instruments and a chess set, and ... did I mention the rain?