11 February 2013

Buena Ventura

Earlier today on plurk, I openly pondered what I should blog about, and Cajsa Lilliehook immediately piped up to suggest a new homestead, Inception (or Buena Ventura). So off I went to take a look. It's a heavily forested island sim owned and designed by Gahum Riptide that possesses a curious mix of trees, ranging from oaks to palms, with a small cluster of redwoods and a swampy grove of cypress (bottom photo)—but they all seem to work well together. Ferns, flowers and grasses abound.

The central part of the island takes the visitor through a series of tall rock-sided passageways punctuated by ancient stone arches—it's easy to get lost in the deep woods. I've never been particularly drawn to "tropical" spots in Second Life (no idea why—lots of people love them), and Buena Ventura in places hints at that a bit on its western edge. But I can see photographers, especially fashion photographers, having a great time with the thick foliage as background. Plus it's worth a stroll.

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