05 February 2013

Island of Lost Dreams

Capture roleplay sims probably aren't everyone's cup of tea, but they can be lots of fun and I've certainly partaken in a few dalliances through my visits of my own. If you're not familiar with them (or hesitate to explore), here's the general gist: if you're female, you're prey (and you try to avoid getting captured (or not!)), and if you're male, you're predator (and you're probably looking to capture someone). Prey would usually wear a collar and a gorean meter, but even if you're captured it's not a permanent thing—you're not going to wake up six months from now still leashed to a post somewhere. You are, however, going to hope that whoever captured you can emote and manage a good (and playful) conversation. It's all in fun, of course. Sort of. And yes, there might be sex. Or not.

Most capture roleplay places have a sort of gorean look to them (a bit medieval if that doesn't mean anything to you), and by and large most aren't anything too amazing—although my friend and companion Juno Angerona has been visiting as many Second Life gorean sims as possible in a photographic documentation project, and has captured some lovely images. But what caught my attention with Island of Lost Dreams was that the co-owner, Lisa Salvadori, remarked to me that Jenne Dibou, the creator of the incredible Forgotten City, had built it. I had been to the Island of Lost Dreams landing point but had never ventured below, and finally did.

Focal points of the build are a village area and a large castle set in a valley, with a meandering stream cutting through the town. If you're just looking to explore, be forewarned that I don't see any visitor tag options, so you'll have to make a run for it—literally, if you're prey—to one of the two safe spots, which are located near the fortress walls and inside the village tavern. (Here, in addition to prey and hunters, are amazons—female hunters who can hunt predators and protect a prey from capture.) But by and large the Island of Lost Dreams strikes me as a pretty friendly, intelligent sort of place, so I'll go out on a limb and say I think you might be able to move about without too much trouble. Do read the notecard carefully and follow instructions. And enjoy!

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