03 February 2013

Melusina Parkin at Art India Gallery

With acute attention to detail, to line, light, shadow and form, Melusina Parkin's abstract architectural photographs in Second Life follow in the footsteps of major icons from the past century who explored a similar milieu: Paul Strand, Edward Weston, Albert Renger-Patzsch and others. More than any other virtual photographer, she has created an oeuvre of minimalist images (click here set see a set on her flick stream) that quietly capture the sometimes unseen essence of the world around us. In particular her aesthetic embraces the Art Deco style, a major thrust in art, fashion, graphic design, architecture, film, industrial design and other areas that began to emerge in the mid-1920s in Paris and emanated throughout the world. Now many of her photographic works are on display through February at the Art India Gallery, along with furnishings, in an exhibition entitled Art Deco: Photos and Decor by Melusina Parkin.

Accompanying the exhibition is a well-crafted display on the history and impact of Art Deco. This adjunct space is well worth the time to visit—click here for a teleport (image below). Notecards included with the exhibition provide links to opportunities to explore the Art Deco style within Second Life. If you're so inclined, please consider leaving a contribution for Art India Gallery, and of course I encourage you to consider purchasing one or more of the artist's works.

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