20 February 2013

This and That at LEA18

Currently on display at LEA18—and only for a few days more, until the end of February—is an assortment of works by various artists. Panic Room!, above, is a humorous installation by Marx Catteneo and Aen Aenis in which you literally have to run for your life—first being run down by a bus, then a huge rolling stone (image above), and so on.

Artistide Despres (Artée) and Pixels Sideways collaborated on a curious Sphere of Magnetic Attraction, a transparent dome one enters only to be mercilessly bounced around by forces acting upon the avatar—sort of an interesting experiment. The artists note, "Artée had been experimenting with "avatar" magnets—scripted objects that use force to push and pull objects and avatars. By combining four of these objects, Artée created a 'magnetic' field of sorts, into which an avatar steps and is propelled in all directions inside the field. Pixels came up with the sphere concept, which creates an 'infinite' sense of space as well as a sense of containment within the sphere. The original sphere was black inside and featured an array of brightly colored moving particles. It was, as we jokingly noted, 'hurl-worthy.'"

Some additional works by Artée are dotted on the ground, including the one pictured immediately above, which might sound superficially a bit like the player piano music of Conlon Nancarrow. (Although I assume the results here are random, so there's not much of a true connection.)

And, pictured at the bottom, there are two machinima theatres showing works made between 2009 and 2012 by Marx Catteneo. If you're all by yourself, you might just as well enjoy the stream on YouTube (here's a link), but if you're with a friend or group you can always start at the same time and discuss what you're seeing, or just enjoy one another's company.

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