26 February 2013

Tableau Vivant's Urban Decay

High above the store Tableau Vivant in the sim World of Beauty stands a remarkable build of urban decay, apparently crafted by several of Tableau Vivant's hands. I wasn't able to find a teleport directly from the shop, but you can easily teleport there via this slurl, and credit is due to Kaycee Nightfire, whose beautiful image on flickr caught my eye.

We enter in what appears to be the downtown of a city, long deserted, the road broken and buckled. A bridge has completely collapsed, fallen into the water below, while around us burned out buildings and tangled telephone and electrical wires punctuate the scene, all encircled by stormy, ominous clouds. It's a little gem, so go take a look.


  1. Oh, thaaaaanks. :::joking sarcasm::: I found this by falling off of the Fairy Tale sale sky platform last year. (If it can be fallen off of, I will. It is a talent.) I've taken pictures here but never given out the url. My secret! Mine! Now...busted. :D It is a wonderful little build. :)

  2. Haha! Sorry about that. ;-) Hopefully it will stay right there, relatively undisturbed.