28 February 2013

Yooma Mayo at Lost Town (La Città Perduta)

You have just a couple days left to enjoy the fantastically playful artworks by Yooma Mayo at Lost Town (La Città Perduta)—I missed them myself when then went up last fall, and they're coming down this Saturday, March 2. Entitled Study for Mechanical Circus (which gives hope that we'll sometime see an even more expansive version), the installation consists of a parade of elephants far overhead the town, complemented by acrobats, clowns and jugglers. On the ground, the elephants' exceptionally long legs, which allow them to walk far overhead the buildings, end in enormous wheels.

We have the impression that the procession or parade is just passing through on its way to some future destination. There are some teleport points to various places in and around Yooma's build that provide some charming views. The city below is certainly worth exploring as well—it's an Italian town, perhaps a bit deserted, that offers some fun opportunities for photos.


  1. Oops! That sounds odd. The gender of "città" in Italian is female, so the correct form is "la città perduta"...

    Beautiful pictures, Ziki. As always.

  2. Oops is right! All fixed—thanks for catching that!