18 February 2013


You can smell the garbage all the way over at the landing point. Manilism—which first caught my eye on Caitlin Tobias's blog—is a trash dump that's open for your enjoyment until the end of February. Design credits are given to Julius Redillas and Richard Coronel, although I don't see anything on the sim by Julius Redillas and I do see things by Mahnong Guardian. The world of alts, no doubt. If you'd like to fully appreciate the installation, be sure to turn on media, as the location features the premiere of a 13-minute experimental video, Bleached Nightmare. And to really amp it up, visit Richard Coronel's website and have the video there, Untitled (Sound for Manilism) running in the background as you stroll around.

Photographing this sim was a delight. (Would you believe I ran out of film?) It affords considerable opportunities for landscapes and depth of field, and elements vary from the trash, to a floating sphere bedecked with everything from an airplane to a beating heart, to a watery world of umbrellas. The video itself is much darker in tone than the sim itself—a black and white exploration of decay, presumably in Manila (the name of the installation being a play on "Manila" and "sim"). This is a must-see space, so don't delay giving it a visit.


  1. Your photos of our sim are awesome! Thanks for visiting and writing about our exhibition. I'm glad you like and recommend it. -R.Coronel

  2. Here's a link to my site where you can find more photos of the installation. (I included your photos of the sim, with a link to your site.) Thanks again! http://artkuro.wordpress.com/2013/02/21/open-city-a-multimedia-installation-for-the-new-media-art-exhibition-manilism/

  3. Hi Richard! I'm glad you enjoy the post and photos, and I'll be posting other photos on my flickr stream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/zikiquesti/.