25 February 2013


A few months ago I began writing and taking photos for AVENUE magazine, and among my first assignments was to shoot some photos of Second Life architect Colpo Wexler at a group of four (now six) sims he had designed, known collectively as zenshi. I had seen some of Colpo's work before, but the scale of the build at zenshi was something altogether different—it was a seamlessly and beautifully constructed small city featuring offices (including AVENUE headquarters), residential housing, shops, an entertainment venue and parkland. It's worth a visit just to take a look at the architecture and the city planning.

The default windlight setting in the regions is a bright one. Colpo preferred London 2050, as shown in the top two images here, but either way brings out some lovely detail. Fashionistas will love the shopping experiences the sims have to offer (many small boutique shops), and you can live here, too—there are apartments and homes of various sizes. You can read more about zenshi and its future plans in recent issues of AVENUE.


  1. Reminds me of Tokyo's Shinjuku district, in some ways.

  2. Thanks! I'll have to take a look at some images of Shinjuku. :)