12 February 2013

Empyreal Dreams

Great literature often conjures fantastic imagery in our minds. Whether you're visualizing the same thing as I am while reading War and Peace (which, yes, I've read and love) or Jernigan (best book you've never heard of) I don't know, but a couple artists—Remington Aries and Ariel Wingtips—have fabricated some artworks inspired by several great literary works, and their images are sure to stay with you. Their creations reside at Empyreal Dreams, where you can not only visit, but also purchase many of their designs.

The artists have created skybox-like immersive environments that let you sort of walk into the novel, as if perhaps strolling onto a film set. At the landing point are two: one inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven (coincidentally timely if you're a football fan from Baltimore), and the other the more impressive The Rime of Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (top image). Via teleport one can visit the very colorful The Owl and the Pussy Cat by Edward Lear and Victor Hugo's somber Les Miserables (where you should make note to travel up the winding stairway). They're great miniature universes. Look for more details in next month's issue of AVENUE magazine.

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