13 October 2013

Cafe Green Gables

The Cafe Green Gables is a tiny little place—very cozy indeed, at only 5,120 square meters—and I often marvel at what people are able to create in such tight quarters. The home of Jean Tryce and her partner BeBe Frog, it's remarkably picturesque, half sandy beach with dunes and half grasses and gardens surrounding the cafe. A wrecked plane lies on the beach, waves lapping at its forlorn wings, while fall foliage is on full display elsewhere on the island.

The interior design of the cafe is a delight—an intimate place decorated in blues and browns, with all sorts of coffees, teas and desserts beckoning—and up the ladder is a loft with more places to lounge. I felt like I could relax here for a long time. Out back is a little dock overlooking the waters. Please consider chipping in with a contribution if you enjoy the cafe, and don't forget to sign the guest book.


  1. Wow, sorry about that! I somehow posted this without including the slurl — all fixed now!