09 October 2013


With Halloween right around the corner, it's a tradition in Second Life for a few spooky sims to emerge, and one of them this year is Havenhollow, brought to you by the Holiday Appreciation Association (Octagons "Pizza Yazimoto, Kaz Nayar, Katharine McGinnis, Flutter Memel, Celeste "Jim" Forwzy, Corksoaker "Jenkel" Gloom and Jezibell Thorne), with special contributions from Plasma Zane, Zen Zarco and Spin Dash. As you start out, you'll get a basket for your treats, and you set off skipping through the neighborhood, knocking door to door. And it might bring back some childhood memories, it's so well done. Most of the time you'll get a treat, but not always.

At the far end of the neighborhood, you'll spot a police officer, and he's ready to hand you a flashlight to help you for your trip through the woods. You're going to need it. I won't spoil all the fun, but, as you might imagine, you're headed elsewhere (and more than one place, at that). Just be sure to explore everything, and don't leave until you find the "happy halloween" room. Use of the region windlight is strongly recommended, and be sure to have local sounds turned up. Oh, and those nasty people who give you a trick instead of a treat? Well, come back on any Friday, Saturday or Sunday at noon slt or 7 slt—these are Mischief Nights—and at the landing point you can grab toilet paper and eggs to lob at those inconsiderate spoilsports.

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