03 October 2013

[TRAILER PARK] and outlaw

It's a rare thing for a natural, scenic sim to be juxtaposed seamlessly and effectively with an urban one, but designer Floyd Arun has done just that. The older of the two sims, [TRAILER PARK] (middle two photos), is a gritty adult setting that caters to the gay community. "We are a rough and rowdy bunch of redneck trailer trash looking for a good time," announces the parcel description, and the shadily-lit area centers around a few downtown intersections, with—as the name suggests—trailer parks off to the edges. I have the impression that all are welcome here, and the sim is well designed and inviting.

To the north of [TRAILER PARK] lies a new addition, outlaw (top and bottom images), also referred to here and there as The Photosim. Clearly inspired by Hazardous, and employing many of the same landscaping objects, outlaw features a towering high set of plains separated by a deep gorge through which a small creek flows. But it's hardly a carbon copy of Hazardous, and has its own unique personality. I assume that the several homes that rest high above are intended to be private: flying is turned off, a sign informs that outlaw features rental properties, and there's no obvious way up by foot. (Yes, I know I can get up there if I really want to!)

The border area between these two sims is remarkably smooth, and they blend into one another admirably well. If material of a sexual content isn't your thing, you might want to avoid some of the shops and insides of buildings in both sims, but you'll probably still enjoy strolling around and exploring—they're both excellent locations for photography and just plain roaming around. If you'd like to support the sims, a contribution box is located near the [TRAILER PARK] landing point.

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