09 October 2013

Neva Sky Villi

Neva Crystall was kind enough to allow me to visit her new sim, Neva Sky Villi, while she and her partner Boo (Bootney Blessed) built it up from the ground (or up from the water, more accurately), and it was wonderful to watch her creative process. The sim, which was inspired by Neva's home city of St. Petersburg, is now open, and is a must see: a gorgeous world of canals, walkways, homes, shops and other buildings beautifully rendered—it's a fantastic setting in which to stroll around. Don't miss the Villi Contemporary Art Gallery, where a section of Neva's striking photography is on display.

As at Neva River, the homes here are for rent, and they're all occupied—scooped up on the first day the sim opened. "It was a crazy day—we were going nuts," says Neva. The downside for visitors is that you might occasionally encounter a ban line if you're flying around—just be aware that there are some private residences, and it's quite easy to spot where they are. Elsewhere on the sim, I have a suspicion that the cathedral in the southeast corner and the small church to the southwest might become popular wedding destinations. And Neva says it's possible that some events might crop up at the Avalon Stage, so keep an eye out for news.

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  1. I had the pleasure of wandering around on the first day it opened, before the homes were scooped up - so they were open to the public to view as well. The entire place is a delight for the eyes. So incredibly well designed and built. I'm looking forward to coming back "camera in hand". Wish I had done so on that first day when it was relatively empty and easily accessible in all areas. Highly recommended.