16 October 2013

Mixed Pixels at Art India Gallery

Opening tomorrow, Thursday, October 17 at 2 pm at Art India Gallery is a group exhibition entitled Mixed Pixels. Curated by Quan Lavender, the show features works by Ataro Asbrink, Burk Bode, Cutea Benelli, Draxtor Despres, Kayle Matzerath, Nelson (LordVannagan), Ole Etzel, orlando di strada (Gnupf Gufler), Quika Basevi, Sina Souza and WuWai Chun. (Naxor (Naxos Loon) is listed on the exhibition poster, but I don't see anything of his on display.) Several artists are in the upstairs gallery, reachable here, and quite a few of the artists have objects set for sale.

What binds together this unusual assortment of artists (and the curator) is their German nationality. Several, like Nelson, whose extraordinary artwork burst onto the scene only in July this year (top image), are photographers. Others have created small installations—Cutea Benelli's Shakespeare 2.0 Apparatus (Beta) (lowest image) is typically delightful, and generated a poem for me:

    Late or too sone lett that nott rule the apes
    Though artst as sweet as yellow fruits to peel
    Though to itself, it's only live and die

I must admit, however, being more taken by the poem created by her Evil Haiku Automaton:

    I want to hold you
    I’ve been sharpening my blade
    In the quiet room

Time based media is represented by especially well by Ataro Asbrink's Coded Movies, including the texture movie shown in the middle image of this post. (Of course, time based media can't be effectively captured in a photograph.) If you take a seat in his Gallery Viewer Chair, you can cycle through views of all the installations on display in Mixed Pixels, and there's lots to see.

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