06 October 2013

Quantum Reflections, Victim of the ToS

Yesterday I wrote about Bryn Oh's decision to step down from the Linden Endowment for the Arts because of recent changes to Linden Lab's Terms of Service. "As it stands now I don't feel comfortable luring artists into creating content for Linden Lab, who can pretty much do whatever they want with it," she wrote on her blog. The new ToS has impacted another artist, Johnas Merlin, who has had to stop work midway through on his full-sim creation, Quantum Reflections, at LEA26. "It's not finished. LL introduced a new Terms of Service which make it illegal for me to use some of the content I had planned to use," he tells me. "I may possibly not make any more content for SL. I have not decided yet." What the specifics of Johnas's situation are beyond that I can't say, but unfortunately his masterful work won't be advancing on LEA26, apparently. Still, unfinished works of art can still sometimes be enjoyed for what they are.


  1. Was he going to use content from Renderosity? If yes, then I have (bad) news: Renderosity's marketplace EULA has always been such that using its products in SL and OpenSim was never in compliance to it. However, Renderosity were more than happy to take SL and OpenSim content creators' money.

  2. I do believe the problem now is more one of trust!
    We all know how LL choosen to break all trust from its user base more then we can remember!
    Still they never dare to go so further as they did and doing so and not rectifying asap is a dreadful and sadly moment, we are all watching, is like they are saying to All of us:
    We don't care!

  3. @Mona, a lot of resource sites *do* allow use in SL, but they do not allow you (and obviously never have) to strip away the license and hand the content off to a 3rd party under new terms. This is what the new ToS now demands, which makes it incompatible with pretty much every resource site out there. This is likely what Johnas is running up against.