15 October 2013

Next for Bryn Oh?

Bryn Oh recently announced on her blog that the remarkable build Imogen and the pigeons will close in a few weeks, having had a successful run of nearly 50,000 visitors. If you haven't visited Imogen, don't delay, as it's one of the most exceptional art builds to have appeared in Second Life. While it's sad to see such a remarkable installation disappear, it's all for a good cause, as something new will take its place at Bryn's sim, Immersiva.

Way back in April, Bryn invited me to get a sneak peek at what was capturing her creative interest. We teleported up to a nearly pitch dark room, where projectors, scripted by Caer Balogh, were able to follow our movement (so the shadows followed us, in a sense) and lit only the smallest areas. The effects were mesmerizing, and were for Bryn, too: "I spend quite a bit of time up here," she remarked. (Click on the first two photos, taken at that room, to zoom in.) I hadn't written about this or posted images out of respect for Bryn's process. (And I won't share how she described the entire sim—you'll have to wait!)

But today, Bryn invited a bunch of us to see a new space (third and fourth photos) that explores some of the same themes, so I thought I'd write something. It's a bit of a sandbox build, just an experimental play with some lights, and Bryn says it might be around for a week or so—click here to teleport. You will need to be able to have advanced lighting model on (sun/moon and projectors) and use the parcel windlight, which seems finicky—it may or may not come up easily. (If it doesn't change automatically for you, then select midnight or something as dark as you can.) The three of us in the bottom photo are, left to right, Anita Witt, me, and Cica Ghost, plus lots of bats that were flying around.


  1. wow exciting! Will tp over asap as I am in SL

  2. Adorei o blog ! Parabéns !