01 October 2013

Creature of the moon

When I arrived at maddomxc Umino's exhibition at Pyramid Café, Creature of the moon, I thought his sculptures bore a striking resemblance to the work of the Italian painter Walter Mac Mazzieri (1947-1998)—so much so that I began scouring the web for images of Mazzieri's work. But finally I read maddomxc's notes, which state that attempting to bring Mazzieri's art into a three-dimensional space was precisely what he was doing. And he's done it convincingly well, transforming what had been two-dimensional paintings into mesh objects that we can move and cam around, exploring them in new ways.

maddomxc says, "The characters, both human and animal, become fantastic, dreamlike works of imagination and will draw upon the myths or ancestral fears that man lives from birth. The shapes and colors explode with full force when they become sculptures and the view can be complete, a new life is materialized over the table of the painter." The exhibition, co-sponsored by Tanalois Art, continues through Sunday, October 13. (A word of caution: Although many of the works are marked for sale, purchases by both Haveit Neox (who happened to be enjoying the exhibition as well) and me weren't delivered, so I'll ask maddomxc to check on the status and will post an update here.)


  1. Very Refreshing to see!Visually different.. thankgoodness people are breaking out of the standard SL aesthetic and moving into new territory.

  2. oh i didn't realise it wasn't totally original..'taking images from the www' hmmm anyway.. cut & paste is OK..i guess but would have been better with own art work