27 October 2013

Malfeas KBN-E

Malfeas KBN-E is certainly an alien-looking world, with unfamiliar vegetation, plants and trees (if that's what they are). Created by Cunnos Luminos, it's a hauntingly beautiful place wrapped in a violet sky, and apparently danger lurks around its many corners and hillsides. (Click on photos to zoom in.) Malfeas KBN-E's region description portrays it as "Dark and gritty fantasy Scifi role play with pirates holding a station above a colonized world. This is an adult sim, with such rp as rape and forced impregnation. However, it is also beholden to non-sexual rp, as well as scifi combat."

In other words, a word of warning if that doesn't float your boat—and if you do roleplay, this sounds like the sort of place to have your limits stated in your profile or picks. I didn't encounter anyone in my several visits, though, and the place seems free of strict rules. You'll likely arrive at a landing point far overhead—clicking on the green teleporter takes you to the forest ground level. A military based of some sort occupies part of the ground, but in my explorations I didn't discover any traps, so visitors should feel free to roam. Far overhead is the space station, too, although the teleport system to reach it doesn't seem to be set up yet.

Thanks to Anita Witt for suggesting a visit to Malfeas KBN-E.

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