06 October 2013

Lust Without Sin: Paola Mills (possibly NSFW)

Opening today (just as I write this) and continuing through Sunday, October 27, is an exhibition of photography by Paola Mills at the Solaris Island Flute Gallery, co-presented by Pyramid Café and Tanalois Art. Comprising 18 images and entitled Lust Without Sin, the exhibit is presented to dramatic effect in the striking gallery designed by Tani Thor Congrejo.

As the title implies, the images depict sexually charged material, often with or more nude characters: some tender, some passionate, some simply erotic and some that give us pause, their storylines unclear. They all suggest some sort of moment, some specific event happening, and thus draw us in with their possible narratives. Technically, the images are excellent (Paolo shies away from post-processing her photos), and the subject matter combined with the capable compositional style merit a look. All images are on sale, priced at L$1,000.

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