03 July 2013

claudia222 Jewell at weird

"What?!" you ask, "There's a new installation by claudia222?!" Well, not quite. But if you're suffering terribly from Spirit withdrawal, there is a place you can go to immerse yourself in her work, although it was never intended to be an installation as such. At the sim weird, just arrive and click on the "Teleporter to mesh" sign (after perhaps admiring claudia222's huge fly), and you'll find yourself surrounded by claudia222's fantastic creations. (If you're not familiar with claudia222 Jewell's works, she's one of the master artists of Second Life, although regrettably has no plans to rez anything new, her monumental Spirit having closed its doors some months ago, and her contributions to A Rusted Development the MadPea Carnival having recently disappeared.)

Now, a caveat. claudia222 rezzed this for her friend Gaia Clary, who was using the set for filming, and so in one section of the build you'll discover some incongruous items—a house, a car and so on. If they disturb you, just derender them, if you can. Otherwise just be thankful that Gaia has left this all rezzed for us to enjoy, as claudia222 herself seems surprised it's still here. These photos can be deceptive, as some of the pictured objects are huge, and as we zoom in we find more detail or a new scene, and then zoom in again to find yet another. I found it intoxicating to roam in her work again (and I had forgotten this was here, having visited many months ago!), with its dizzying level of textured detail and fantastic shapes.

P.S.: When you teleport up, look for a dragon (it's called "ccc mesh dragon new flight G") and sit on it for a fun ride!


  1. I love re-visitng Claudia222's work at Mesh Mellows, and do so quite frequently, it's a wonderful enviroment.

    More recently, and during SSB/A testing on Aditi, I was surprised to bump into some of her work in the Sunshine Test regions. These ended up becoming unofficial test subjects for some high-res snapshot tests using LL's latest fixes (coming to a viewer near you soon!) before my current PC / GPU got decidedly ill.

  2. thank you so much Ziki , its touching me to see the pictures you made and the flattering blog . You made it look so good . I forget at times what i did . Your pictures are wonderful.
    xox claudia222

    and to modernworld , i recently logged into sunshine test again and noticed they where still there and deleted them , funny to hear they where fotographed ^^ . Hope you get a new graphic card soon .

  3. Oh no! LOL i was just about to log into Aditi to take a look! ;-)

    Thanks Inara, and good luck getting your computer healthy soon. You'll have to share your photos!

    And thank you, claudia222, for being you.