22 July 2013

Sailing Away at Calas Galadhon

About four months ago, I began blogging my way through the many Calas Galadhon sims, but I never finished and always meant to return. Now, as many people are aware, Calas Galadhon owners Ty Tenk and Truck Meredith, because of real life challenges, will temporarily close the sims in about a week. When Calas reopens, in early September, four sims will be gone: the Bay of Balfalas (about which I wrote here), the water sims Belegaer (pictured above) and Sea of Nurnen (middle photo), and the lovely Eryn Vorn (about which I wrote here, lower photo) will disappear. My photos of the water sims are all above water, but there's plenty to see below as well, so take a dive. There's a new cabin on the Sea of Nurnen that Ty and Truck are particularly fond of, and so they may move it to another sim.

Despite the changes, Ty and Truck are confident that Calas will emerge as lovely as ever. "It's not a tragedy," remarked Truck when the three of us talked yesterday. "It will still be Calas." Ty added, "Once we get into changing things, we have fun with it." There's some possibility that portions of Calas could become members only, and other changes are possible too—check their blog for updates, and feel free to send suggestions. Please consider leaving a contribution if you can.

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