10 July 2013

Collins Land

These three photographs might not look like they should go together, but they do. They're all from Collins Land, a sim designed by Cerys Collins (or Cerys Celestalis), which I visited at the suggestion of my friend and photographer Arnno Planer. Cerys describes it as a "little corner of paradise...quiet and peaceful for those who seek serenity." And serene it is, with seascape, rugged hills, wildlife and paths for exploring.

Like a few other places I've visited recently, a deep gorge cuts the island into two halves, connected by a high narrow wooden bridge, but that's not to sound dismissive—rather, the landscaping here works beautifully. The rustic feel of the higher parts of the land—dotted with grazing sheep and possessing great vistas—are complemented by the lower areas, where building ruins and a rusted van contrast strongly with a modernistic dome house. Don't miss the zip line.


  1. Thank you very much Ziki,

    It's an honor to see Collins Land here ;)

  2. Thanks, Cerys! I enjoyed visiting and will certainly be back.