31 July 2013

Black Basalt Beach

After I blogged about Jac Mornington's sims Sol Existence and Baja Norte, he mentioned to me that he had an additional space under construction, Black Basalt Beach. I stopped back from time to time, checking on its progress—it's a collaborative effort with sim owner Rosy Highwater, who's very welcoming—and finally it's ready for prime time.

The beach itself is really only a quarter of the sim, rolling along it western edge, with a lighthouse, walkways, bike rides, pelicans, cormorants, and of course plenty of sand and sun. The remainder of the sim is a rocky outcrop thrust from the sea, quite beautifully landscaped, with a striking glass house by Van Auster perched in its center. (I hesitated to enter the house—although it is a glass house!—but noticed a tip jar inside, so I think it's fair game. And the views of the beach from inside are stunning.)

On the other side of the sim, a waterfall cascades into a deep ravine that cuts the island into two, the smaller part accessible only by a rickety handmade bridge. Heron wade in a nearby pool, while deer forage in a meadow. Throughout you'll find places to pause and enjoy the view.


  1. Lovely photos! I want to go there, too!

  2. Im make my personal list to visit diferent places you post here. Thanks to you i love explore sl