13 July 2013

The Avatar Games

Are you especially nimble, able to jump from one tiny spot to another, and walk along something the width of a tightrope? If so, venture over to The Avatar Games by Bryn Oh, which runs along the eastern edge of LEA3 and the western edge of LEA8. It's something like an obstacle course: when you arrive, you'll find yourself on a high ledge, and you'll see a short distance in front of you a monarch butterfly. Your goal is to jump to the butterfly, then to the next, and the next, until you reach the seat of an enormous penny-farthing, and so on until you reach the end on a shelf quite a distance away. You'll need to traverse across a roll-top desk, a piano, piles of books and other odds and ends. If you fall, there are ways at times to get back to where you were—otherwise, start over and practice, practice, practice. (Note: at the moment, fly is turned on, but it usually isn't, so don't cheat!)

Now, as you glance across toward your right, you'll see a bunch of chairs—what looks like a place for an audience (photo below on the left hand side). That's just what it is. You see, just to make your task all the more difficult, the audience (the official games occur at scheduled times) gets to shoot at you (the guns are called the "grand wallopers") for the sole pleasure of trying to knock you off your delicate perch. There's a scoreboard that keeps track of the best avatar times to complete the course, and also the best walloper. Right now there aren't any future games scheduled, but if there are I'll certainly post the times. In the meantime, get ready! Even if you don't participate in the course itself, you're sure to enjoy the amazing scene and work by Bryn Oh.

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