23 July 2013


If you're in the mood for tranquility, venture over to Leroy, a sim designed by landscape architect Quark Fallen. At the landing point you'll find yourself on the deck of a brig sailing on a glistening wintery sea. Walk down the gangplank to venture to the sandy island, or follow the path of icy evergreen trees to a quaint little cafe. It's a beautiful, expansive setting with a steady flow of visitors and lots of options for landscape photography.

Back on board the ship you'll spy some teleport options, and from here you can venture to three different places. The first is Quiet after evening, a lush Japanese garden landscape (middle image). The second, Hydrangea, says it's open July 10-15, so it may disappear quite soon: a colorful land of hydrangeas, dense rain and a giant snail. And for a small fee you can rent a tiny little private chamber as well, the Chateau. Teleporting around in Leroy can be a bit of a challenge, as there's a fixed landing point—sometimes fellow explorer Ada Iolo and I had to teleport out of the sim just to return to the boat. But don't let that stop you, and keep an eye out for many free items available here and there.


  1. Beautiful and peaceful place! Well worth the visit and plan to return again.

  2. Yes, and a pleasure to meet you there!