28 July 2013

Study for Mechanical Circus Revisited

Several months ago, I blogged about Yooma Mayo's extraordinary installation at Lost Town (La Città Perduta) entitled Study for Mechanical Circus, which preceded the construction of the new (and soon to close) Mechanical Circus at LEA24. Fortunately, the curators of Lost Town have invited Yooma to restage the first work, and it will be on display through August 31.

In revisiting the Study, one can see where Yooma was headed, with his parade of enormous elephants (what better animal to use for such a gesture?) on high legs overstepping the city. Although the earlier piece doesn't contain nearly the complexity of the final Mechanical Circus, its integration with the town is remarkable: we view the artwork not as something superimposed but rather an integral part of the overall city—something also achieved recently by Haveit Neox with his Lost Alphabet.

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