14 July 2013

Resonant Osmosis

"Some ideas enter the mind for a moment but soon depart leaving a vague, enigmatic imprint," says Johnas Merlin of his large-scale work, Resonant Osmosis, on the sim LEA26. "This work is based on a collection of these thoughts, each a possible key, opening a door to another." One can certainly see that theme in the elements here, linked with a predominantly monochromatic palette and texture. Most impressive to me in the installation is the visually striking collection of hundreds of variously sized spheres along the eastern edge of the sim. It's difficult to see in a still image, but the spheres are laid out in a complex pattern, evident as one cams across or travels through them. Many forms that would appear static at first glance are actually in motion, and, as the word "resonant" suggests, there are sonic elements to the build as well.

On a side note, I encourage the Linden Endowment for the Arts team to proactively announce the status of builds like Resonant Osmosis. Because the sims are open as artworks are being built, it's often unclear (unless the artists post a notice on the sim, which some do) whether or not projects are "finished" so to speak. In this case, I stopped back from time to time over the course of several months, not having seen any mention of the build on the LEA blog, and finally contacted Johnas, who replied that the project had been completed.

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