08 July 2013


Long a favorite with Second Life photographers, :nostos:deer:, created by dora Nacht and hide Mint, is a picturesque island—three islands, actually—with rustic terrain and sweeping vistas. Central to the layout, literally, is a deep gorge that runs north to south, cutting the space in two, with only a rickety bridge, partly collapsing, to help you across (photo just below). Parts of the land are so sparse that even a few dandelions stand out on their own.

Incongruities pop up here and there: a summery sunny beach where it's snowing, fish swimming above water and so on. But the scene that will always stand out in memory is a train track slicing through the eastern island, with one of its two trains about to meet a most unfortunate watery fate—although frozen in time, hovering over the sea in which it's about to fall. Near the wooden bridge is a teleport to the sim's shop, Little Hopper, featuring work by the same artists.


  1. I love this place. The little railcar at the end of the line offers so many fun opportunities for snaps :), wwhile the rest of the region is a delight. Love the river gorge especially.

  2. Here the railcar features in a new machinima by Returned Resident: http://apmel.blogspot.se/2013/07/tag-till-ingenstans.html