06 July 2013

When the Mind's Eye Listens

If you need to step away from reality for a while, to let your mind drift amid the calm, then head over to LEA6, where Nino Vichan's When the Mind's Eye Listens is now open. This multi-tiered environment will be on display through the month of July and features quietly moving and drifting particle shapes, accompanied by an ambient-style sound score. These still images don't quite capture the beauty of the place.

When you arrive, set your viewer to night and turn your sound up, then have a seat on the tour vehicle (a bit like a magic carpet) and let it take you through the space. Eventually you'll return to the beginning, at which time you can click on the teleport orb to head up to the next level—there are seven in all. Nino suggests, "Close your eyes and let the sound create images in your mind." Be sure to pick up the exhibition notes at the landing point for more information.

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