26 July 2013


I've been meaning to write something about Blue Tsuki's Float=Nought for quite a long time—it opened several months ago, commissioned by Eli Wallace and installed adjacent to Gallery Assis. In a few weeks, Gallery Assis will move to a new location, and Float=Nought will have to come down, so this large-scale artwork is reaching the end of its lifespan (at least for now). Visitors familiar with Blue's earlier works might notice a stylistic similarity to The Hall of Lanterns or The Theatre of Memory, but this is a strong and impressive work that more than holds its own.

The artist writes, "Float=Nought is a piece made after a hiatus from SL art making. It revisits some familiar memes and tosses some on the fire to make way for the new. It is a transition piece to the next direction of images and dreams. As always, little explanation here, I prefer people bring their own interpretations as those are always more powerful. That said, as a starting point the piece is a slow meditation on transience and almost remembering something forgotten."

The installation consists of three major spaces, shown here in order: the opening (and smallest) area, on the water, a large, slowly spinning form that might remind one of a carousel; the second space, a fantastic assemblage of light and line (walking or camming around to change perspectives is a must); and finally the mysterious third space: arched walls filled with vases, chairs and masks (click on the red one in each) surrounding a watery space filled with boats and a bonfire of chairs. I'm oversimplifying and, like Blue, I'll refrain interpretive thoughts, but do go take a look before Float=Nought has to disappear.

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