04 August 2013

University of Western Australia 3D Art and Machinima Competitions

Today, the University of Western Australia (UWA) announced the winners of its two current competitions, MachinimUWA VI: Reflections and the UWA Centenary 3D Art Challenge (about which I wrote here), both of which by coincidence enjoyed 64 entries. These competitions award a total of L$1.7 million to the winners, and are truly international in scope, with entries from artists around the world. The leader of the UWA Virtual World Projects is Jayjay Zifanwe (or Jay Jay Jegathesan in real life), Manager of the UWA School of Physics; the competitions were curated by FreeWee Ling.

The results for the Centenary 3D Art Challenge, with links to each of the artworks:
1st Prize (L$100,000): I Thought I Hated Him by Glyph Graves of Sydney, Australia (58 points) (pictured above)
2nd Prize Joint (L$59,000): Mirror With 4 Virgins on the Shores of their Depravity by Jipe Loon of Haute Savoie, France (47 points)
2nd Prize Joint (L$59,000): Looking Back by Carmsie Melody (Australia) & Struthious (USA) (47 points)
2nd Prize Joint (L$59,000): Silent Reflections by Krystali Rabeni of Blackpool, Lancashire, England (47 points)
5th Prize Joint (L$30,000): Quantum by Barry Richez of Toulouse, France (38 Points)
5th Prize Joint (L$30,000): Neuron Sphere by Shenn Coleman of Avignon, France (38 Points)
5th Prize Joint (L$30,000): Echo's Reflecting Pool by Misprint Thursday of New Hampshire, USA (38 Points)
8th Prize Joint (L$25,000): Fruit of Time by Rebeca Bashly of Belgrade, Serbia (36 Points)
8th Prize Joint (L$25,000): Riflessioni delle Onde (Reflections of Waves) by Nino Vichan of New York, USA (36 points)
10th Prize Joint (L$8,500): Hidden by Rose Borchovski of Amsterdam, The Netherlands (32 points)
10th Prize Joint (L$8,500): Who Are You? by Blue Tsuki of Seattle, USA (32 points)
10th Prize Joint (L$8,500): Reflexions of Reflections Carousel by Yepar Saez of the Martinique Islands in the French Carribean (32 points)
UWA Centenary Special Prize (L$50,000): Strange Oaks from Simple Acorns Grow by Soror Nishi, of Kent, England
UWA Centenary Honourable Mention Prize (Joint - L$15,000): Echo's Reflecting Pool by Misprint Thursday of New Hampshire, USA
UWA Centenary Honourable Mention Prize (Joint - L$15,000): The Thinker by Ama Avro of Strasbourg, France
3D Art Curators Prize (Joint - L$15,000): Windows Into Other Rooms by Takni Miklos of Figueres, Spain
3D Art Curators Prize (Joint - L$15,000): Reflection AndroHumanoid by Thierry Lowtide of Popes, Avignon Vaucluse, France

Glyph Graves's winning entry, I Thought I Hated Him, may not look like much at first glace, but the concept is brilliant: "All movement and all music is generated by the intersection between the New York Stock Exchange (Mr New York) and the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Miss Shanghai) in real time when the exchanges are open," says the artist. You'll find more information at the installation.

Curator FreeWee Ling has assembled a remarkable exhibition catalogue available here.

As for the MachinimUWA VI: Reflections competition, the winners are:
1st Prize (L$200,000): Past | Beyond by Vilvi Rae of Jyvaskyla, Finland. (79 points)
2nd Prize (L$150,000): Narcissus by Tutsy Navartha, Frenchman in Pondicherry India (75 points)
3rd Prize (L$125,000): Pallina...The Little Rascal by pallina60 Loon of Rome, Italy. (65 points)
4th Prize (L$100,000): The Mirror Lies by Joe Zazulak of New Orleans, USA (61 points)
5th Prize (L$80,000): Hasta Tu Estrella by Erythro Asimov of Tours, France (58 points)
6th Prize (L$40,000): Juniper by Bryn Oh of Toronto, Canada (48 points)
7th Prize (L$40,000): Window on a Train by Natascha Randt (Germany) & Karima Hoisan (Costa Rica) (44 points)
8th Prize (L$40,000): Shadows Reflecting Darkness by Joe Zazulak of New Orleans, USA (42 points)
9th Prize Joint (L$40,000): Taya Tan by Erythro Asimov of Tours France (35 points)
9th Prize Joint (L$40,000): Stolen Reflections by Braclo Eber of South Africa (35 points)
10th Prize (L$40,000): Cloud by Hypatia Pickens of Rochester, USA (29 points)
MachinimUWA VI: Art of the Artists Special Prize (L$50,000): Reflections of a Life by Devi Sky of Northridge, USA
MachinimUWA VI: Centenary Prize (L$50,000): Drawing Outside the Lines by Chic Aeon of Corvallis, Oregon, USA
MachinimUWA VI: Centenary Honourable Mention (L$25,000): Reflections: 100 Years of Passion by Wynshel Heir of San Francisco, USA

Links to all the machinima entered in the competition are available here in 720p at AviewTV.

Congratulations to all the winners. It was a privilege for me to serve on the juries of both these competitions. And thanks especially to the University of Western Australia for its pioneering work to encourage the development of art in virtual worlds.

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