25 August 2013

The Fetish Circus

A photo by Anita Witt caught my eye a couple days ago and sent me off to explore The Fetish Circus, a sim by Le Clown Gainsbourg (a.k.a. M0rgan Baxton). A delightful canvas of classic circus posters serves as the ground cover, and circus tents dots the landscape, each offering a different scene, and many are interactive. French is the predominant language here, and true to its name the sim has a few tents that are a bit risqué, including one with an extensive library (in French) on the D/s lifestyle and more. But even if that's not your kink, you'll certainly enjoy roaming around this delightful place, all bathed in golden hues.

On the other hand, if all that sounds fairly innocent and you're looking for more fetish than circus, head into the Cirque building and find the side door to the back, which opens into a suite of rooms with playful things (one chamber shown below), ranging from a pool table to various pieces of furniture with extensive menu options. You'll probably want to bring a friend, or make a new one while you're there.

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