31 August 2013


There are plenty of beach sims in Second Life, and most of those are tropical. At Binemist, designer Bine Rodenberger set out to create something different. "I wanted to create a place with a Nordic feel," she says in her introductory note. "I have had the tropical beaches with palms and lots of sand in the past, but now I wanted to create a more rough scenery—a place where this viking woman would feel at home." She also uses the sim to highlight a few objects of art—I spotted works by Bryn Oh, Cica Ghost and Cutea Benelli atop the high hill in the center of the sim.

You'll find more than a windswept beach in Binemist—the sim includes a farm, a church, a lighthouse (near which you can rez a rowboat), a windmill, and a skybox area with additional houses, with teleporters positioned here and there. (The beach, in fact, is only about a quarter of the sim.) Object creation is turned on for 30 minutes, and the region is rated adult. (P.S. Some time or other, I typed "Binimist" and began cutting and pasting, so the original blog post had the wrong name for the sim! Apologies to Bine Rodenberger, but hopefully it didn't keep anyone away!) (And a further update—after seeing what I wrote, she changed the name of the sim to Binemist, so I've changed it accordingly here!) ;-)

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