05 August 2013

The Mechanical Circus Returns

It seemed all too short a time, those seven days we had to enjoy Yooma Mayo's colossal construction, Mechanical Circus (about which I wrote here for its brief run at LEA24). Thankfully, Yooma has arranged for an extended display at the sim Ponkotsu, where it officially opens tomorrow, Tuesday, August 6, will remain on display until August 31.

One benefit of the new location—other than the obvious extension of time to enjoy the artwork—is that, unlike LEA24, Ponkotsu is a free-standing sim. So as one zooms out to take in the entire work, one's eyes aren't met with competing works on neighboring sims. If you're not using a viewer that accepts default environment settings, Yooma's preferred windlight setting is Bristol, although for photography I often have better luck with Places Annamaria or Phototools Breakwave Building Light.

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