21 August 2013

Echoes in the Garden

Many people are familiar with Rose Borchovski's great works The Inevitability of Fate (which you can visit here), and The Arrival, which was on display at LEA23 and subsequently MIC - Imagin@rium. Preceding these was the sim-wide installation The Susa Bubble Story, about which I wrote here back in 2011. A smaller work based on The Susa Bubble Story, Echoes in the Garden, is installed in the sky at Two Fish Too. As with the other installations, scripter Caer Balogh lent her expert hand.

Rose's materials will be immediately familiar: the Susas (two at least), pigs, interactive walkways, gentle sounds and voices, and a great sense of space and staging. It's quite essential to have your sound turned up and to walk through the space (rather than flying, which should be turned off), so that your movement triggers walkways to form that will lead you up to the top. The yellow drops, while visually part of the scene, are also poseballs, so be sure to try each of them. As always, Rose's work is a mix of playful and disturbing, beautiful and painful at the same time, and exquisitely wrought.