07 August 2013


Mitosis, a new sim-wide work by DaveSearbyMason, opened yesterday at LEA6 and will continue through the month of August as part of the LEA Full Sim Art Series. The artist states that the work "was inspired by cell division and by the beauty of transparent deep sea creatures." Throughout, there's quite a lot of motion, so photos can provide only a small impression of the experience.

One arrives underwater at the lowest stage of the installation, where transparent, luminescent shapes and objects—perhaps animate—emerge and disappear from view. Above, on the land level, we're surrounded by large human faces that gradually transform over time, as cell-like objects drift through the space, all centered by a cyborg-like statue that holds aloft a glowing cylinder, as if in gesture to the gazes that encircle us. On the top level, perhaps we're inside some simple living entity, seeing cellular structures from within. Be sure to venture close to objects to hear the accompanying soundscape.