17 August 2013


The Port and Labour District of Rougham Town, in the beautiful Isle of Britannia (as the land information says), first caught my eye in the blog of Caitlin Tobais and the photography of Anita Witt. I wasn't too taken with it when I first visited, but the Edwardian era homestead sim has grown on me. The photogenic region was designed by Facemelt Loon, whose items are for sale here and there, and you can also find some things for sale by Orchid Zenovka in a shop called Deco.

The first thing that might catch one's eye at Rougham is the small beach around which the entire scene wraps, but it hardly dominates the sim, which includes two rows of small shops, cafes and homes on walkways lit by gas lamps. Towering behind, its smokestacks belching, is the Rougham Workhouse, on which twice is inscribed in stone its promising motto, "You will eat the fruit of your labour; blessings and prosperity will be yours," although one might suspect the factory workers aren't among the people enjoying the beach. Large banners proclaim an upcoming appearance (on Monday, April 25, which places the year at 1910) by Harry Houdini and his voisin biplane, which Houdini did in fact bring to England but never flew, despite promises. Please consider leaving a contribution if you enjoy Rougham.

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