24 August 2013

Tokyo 3.1

Tokyo in the year 2085 doesn't look all that appealing, with tanks rumbling down the streets and a hazy brown wind blanketing the city. Still, the roadways are clean, bright neon lights make the buildings glow with life, and a sign indicates the location of a children's park, even though it's a nothing more than a rough patch of asphalt. The scene is in the sim Lust, recently rebuilt as Tokyo 3.1 by owner Sey (a.k.a. Sei Ixtar), who wryly says it was "built to become a haven of peace in a disturbed world."

Clearly Tokyo 3.1 invites roleplay, and allows a generous 50 minute object rez time. Many of the buildings—from traditional to contemporary in style—can be entered, and the streets and alleyways are complimented by other locations—a tunnel, refining tanks set in a cornfield, a missile launch site and so on. Just watch your step. Thanks to my friends Naxos Loon and Wind for inviting me.

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