08 August 2013


Now open at the R&D Art Gallery 1 at Diotima is an exhibition of new works by Romy Nayar. Sombras (or "shades" in English) comprises five mesh artworks, each an exploration of form, light and shadow. Presented in a darkened space, the sculptures extend perhaps a meter or two from the black walls on which they're mounted, so that they appear to emerge from the shadows. The composition and detail are exquisite.

The challenge with wandering around in a darkened space is that, of course, you can't see where you're going. So, as you visit, do be sure to locate each of the five spaces, hopefully without bumping into too many walls. All the pieces are for sale for a modest L$500. For another perspective on Sombras, Ux Hax has created a machinima of the same name that documents the exhibition. Thanks to Dividni Shostakovich for shooting me a teleport to visit Romy's works.

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