09 August 2013

Bogon Flux

One of the great masterpieces of virtual art has returned for a temporary installation at LEA20 and is not to be missed. Bogon Flux by blotto Epsilon and Cutea Benelli has been brought back by invitation of Eupalinos Ugajin, recipient of the region through the most recent LEA artist in residence awards, and Cutea tells me she anticipates that the Flux will remain up for three to four weeks.

If you're familiar with its successor, a Petrovsky flux, which remains on display courtesy of the Spencer Museum of Art at the University of Kansas (about which I've written here, although quite a while back), Bogon Flux will resonate immediately. The structure seen here slowly grows over time, and never quite in the same way, only to eventually fall apart in a dramatic gesture. (Hard hats are available at the landing point.) One can wander and fly through tubes that interconnect throughout the work, although sometimes things move or change as you're exploring, and there are teleports available as well. It's fabulous to see this work once again after many years, and it has lost none of its impact (literally).

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