30 August 2013

Small town Green

Sim designer Mido (a.k.a. Mido77077 Liotta) has packed a lot into Small town Green, an island homestead. Tucked up on the northern edge is the town area itself, a quaint spot that's home to a few shops, including Ray's Pizza, and peaceful places to sit and relax. The town looks down onto the water that wraps around the entire sim, and from there you can spot a lone isolated house out at sea, and a sailing ship beyond.

There are some railroad tracks out there too, in the water, and as our eyes run along them we catch sight of a an apparently stranded and abandoned locomotive. The central part of the sim is more pastoral and quite picturesque: fields, autumn trees, a windmill, horse stables and a bed of cosmos. A high wooden bridge connects the peaks of two hills in the background, one of which is home to a little campsite. If you'd like to rez objects, just join the group.

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