18 May 2016

Farewell, Binemist

Earlier today, Biné Rodenberger announced the closing of her sim, Binemist, about which I originally wrote in August, 2013 (see here), and then in September, 2014 (see here). Long a favorite of photographers and explorers, the sim is now on its fourth iteration and is celebrating its third anniversary.

The current installation is an arid and often spare landscape, with a few buildings, objects and scenes rezzed here and there, allowing one's eyes to look clear across from one side to the other. At the landing point, a doorway can take you to a skybox house with several rooms (the attic in the lowest image), and a hole in the ground will transport you to a floating rock in the sky.

Binemist should remain open until around the end of May, but fans of Biné's work shouldn't be too concerned: the reason for its disappearance is that Biné has purchased a full sim (now called Binemust) from Mimi Juneau, and plans to begin building there soon.


  1. Thank you Ziki. I love your photos. As always you do amazing work

    1. Thanks very much for having shared your sim with the community! I look forward to seeing your next creation.